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For office people, who hate work

by on Nov.12, 2009, under General

I expect most of you will have seen Ferry Halim’s work, as this website has been around since 2000. Anyway, for those who haven’t – here’s a cool select of fun, cute little games that’ll take your mind off the spreadsheets. 🙂


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As if by magic …

by on Nov.12, 2009, under Gaming

After reading Dava’s post on Owlbears, many-fingered readings and growing up, a link showed up on a popular website. It was all about the many readings of Choose Your Own Adventure books. Go have a read; it’s entertaining, geeky and well-presented.

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On the subject of Monsters

by on Nov.11, 2009, under Gaming

There was a time when I was a gamer. A proper, full-on, buckets of polyhedral dice, stacks of books gamer. I knew how 1st ed AD&D overbearing, grappling and pummelling rules worked and I had a 216:1 bell-curve mapped in my head. It was Owlbears and Rust Monsters all the way down. (continue reading…)

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OwlBear, and the end of youth.

by on Nov.11, 2009, under Gaming

Look at that bad boy – the OWLBEAR.

Splendid, isn’t he? A towering, squawky mass of furry, feathery weirdness, ready to demolish the party. Wipe that grin off your face halfling, he’ll have you…

This image, an interior illustration from the famed ‘Keep on the Borderlands’ D+D module was pretty much the first ever rpg image I saw. I was immediately hooked at 11 years old. Before then I’d been fascinated with Greek and Norse mythology books, and any Ray Harryhausen films I could catch on BBC 1. The little scene above was something completely new to me – what *was* that thing they were fighting? And where could I get the miniature?…
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