Why We Grew Up Strange

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If you were born in the early seventies then you’ll probably feel a short, sharp sting in your lower back when I say the phrase ‘Protect and Survive’. It means you spent much of your childhood wondering if the world might end, in approximately 4 minutes. The threat of nuclear war was very real, particularly in the early eighties, and at age 10 you’re not really even sure why it’s happening, all you know if is – if your hear the siren it’s over.

Whether you Protect, or Survive.
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This is my Hole.

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This nasty little horror story really shit me up earlier in the year. It’s called The Enigma of Amigara Fault, by the manga artist Junki Ito. It’s around 40 pages long, but it’ll only take you about 15-20 mins to read it, but I suspect the story will stay with a lot longer. I can’t really go into this story without giving it away, so it’s best you just read it, and then hate me for directing you to it and the nightmares that will follow. 🙂

Just remember – out in the mountains, there is a hole waiting for each and every one of us.


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Step by Step (The Grey Ones) Part One

by on Dec.03, 2009, under Art, General, Horror

The Grey Ones - Step One

Hello again, folks. Here we go with another round of step by steps. Owing to time restrictions (Christmas is my busiest time of year) and the complexity of the latest painting I’m only going to do one step, instead of two at a time. This time I’ll go more into the thought process behind the image, focussing more on the story behind the picture, rather than the technique. (continue reading…)

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Up coming Step by Step – (The Grey Ones)

by on Nov.30, 2009, under Art, General, Horror

I’ll be uploading the final steps on the BloodMare image tomorrow, so here’s the next one I’ll be painting for MonsterBook :-



“I dread to think what these haunted apparitions truly are. I suspect they are sleepers killed and drained by the most powerful nightmares. Now they crawl around on their hands and knees like wild animals in the outskirts of The Gloaming. They bite away flesh, limbs and appendages to resemble the horrors that may have once slain them. Any humanity they once had was lost to madness, years ago”.


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The Stuff That Scared Dava As Child (Part 1)

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1. Live Action Wombles

Look, I’m not talking about the lovely wee animated Wombles from the tv series. I’m talking about the blank eyed, sociopathic, 7 foot juggernaut beings that appeared in the real world. They said they were ‘a band’, but I knew better – they were in fact WAMPAS, and they were here to eat all children, excluding Boonie Bloody Langford – bitch. My cousin had a massive poster of Tomsk on her bedroom door. I practically wet myself whenever I saw it. (continue reading…)

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