Slightly Longer Than Usual

by on Dec.10, 2009, under Art, Gaming, General

It took quite awhile to get this drawing and inks together. Well, approximately 4 years :-

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Step by Step (The Grey Ones) Part One

by on Dec.03, 2009, under Art, General, Horror

The Grey Ones - Step One

Hello again, folks. Here we go with another round of step by steps. Owing to time restrictions (Christmas is my busiest time of year) and the complexity of the latest painting I’m only going to do one step, instead of two at a time. This time I’ll go more into the thought process behind the image, focussing more on the story behind the picture, rather than the technique. (continue reading…)

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Finished Painting – BloodMare

by on Dec.01, 2009, under Art, Gaming

Well, the first Step by Step is done, hope you like it :-

See you all for Step by Step 2 – The Grey Ones



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Step by Step Painting by Dava (The BloodMare – Part 5)

by on Dec.01, 2009, under Art, General

Step Nine – Third Level Detail (Metal and Teeth)

Now I’ve got the body done, I move onto the other features. For the sword and metal plates I go for high contrasts in terms of colours and shades. Being inorganic surfaces the colours are very desaturated, but because this metal is weather beaten I switch between warm and cold colours, slowly building them up on top of each other. I add light gray strokes to any bevelled edges on the sword and the armour which really helps the objects to stand out. For teeth, I follow the same procedure as i did on the flesh, but with a sharper highlight, as it’s a harder surface.

Step Ten – Finishing Touches

Okay, so I feel like this character is almost complete, and now all that remains is that I add in any finishing details that I think the image needs. In this case it’s the coarse hairs on the BloodMare’s legs, some blood spattering on the sword, and the teeth. The blood is applied like a Wash, using a Mulitply layer on top of the painting. I finally collapse all the layers, and go out for a pint with Jared, before moving onto the next painting!


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Up coming Step by Step – (The Grey Ones)

by on Nov.30, 2009, under Art, General, Horror

I’ll be uploading the final steps on the BloodMare image tomorrow, so here’s the next one I’ll be painting for MonsterBook :-



“I dread to think what these haunted apparitions truly are. I suspect they are sleepers killed and drained by the most powerful nightmares. Now they crawl around on their hands and knees like wild animals in the outskirts of The Gloaming. They bite away flesh, limbs and appendages to resemble the horrors that may have once slain them. Any humanity they once had was lost to madness, years ago”.


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