Aspiring artists, here’s some free advice

by on Aug.09, 2010, under Art, Rant

So, you like drawing and you want to do it for a living? Here’s two simple pieces of advice:

  1. Stop drawing Manga and Anthro, especially crude Manga and Anthro porn. No, really. It’s embarassing and no one wants to see MASSIVE SKUNK TITS. What were you thinking? Skunkina?
  2. Read this and beware of twunts like him: By helping the race to the bottom, you’re fucking up your future. Don’t do that.

Follow those two simple rules and you’ll stop holding yourself back. Go take up life drawing if you want to draw boobies; it’s worth it.

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More scribblings

by on Jan.26, 2010, under Art, Gaming

For ‘UnderDark’ – the latest sourcebook for D+D. I hate the guy there at the front, but I quite like the jumping halfling girl.


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HunterSheets Issue Two

by on Dec.28, 2009, under Art, Gaming, General

Here’s the cover for our next SLA Industries book :-

Hope you like it. More to follow. 🙂


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From HunterSheets Issue 2

by on Dec.27, 2009, under Art, Gaming

Looking back over the countless wars of the Conflict Age, I still feel something like regret. It wasn’t our whole intention to eradicate the Conflict Races, it was simply the most effective way to bring in a new era of order…

It was a shame to see so many species vanish before the dawn of the World Of Progress, especially in the case of the Ty-Tesh – the only race I felt we truly betrayed.

But I feel nothing but gladness when I recall the Root Dogs. They were the most dangerous of all the Conflict Aliens because they were constantly adapting. Each defeat only increase the Core Scientists’ knowledge, and ‘The Herd’ grew stronger and deadlier as a result.

Everything we did, however terrible it may seem – it was worth it all to see the Root Dogs die”.

Intruder’s War Diaries, 760sd.

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One Slaad, Two Slaad, Green Slaad, Blue Slaad

by on Dec.16, 2009, under Art, Gaming

More deliveries from Wizards today. This time it was ‘The Plane Below – Secret of the Elemental Chaos’. It was fun working on this book as I got to do some of my favourite monsters – the Slaad :-

Although I do think they should do evil Fruit Slaad – Blackcurrant Slaad, Banana Slaad etc.


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