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by on Nov.18, 2009, under News and Links

Yes, it’s got to be a hoax. The website is at Mass: We Pray. Clever stuff.

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The fabled Monster Book

by on Nov.17, 2009, under Gaming

In the 70s, in Ayr, on the west coast of Scotland, there lived a bearded shopkeeper called Malcolm McDonald. He ran a games shop called Mac’s Games that sold old lead Napoleonic miniatures and wargames rules until the D&D explosion of ’78. Suddenly, and briefly, Mac’s dusty, dry-rot infested games shop became a hub of activity for the local gamers. Funny-shaped dice sales funded a refit and a new sign, and bought him a Lochaber Axe he displayed on the back wall behind the till, replacing the faded poster of the one-legged flautist.

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Playing at being a kid

by on Nov.14, 2009, under General

You know, some childish activities are best done as an adult.

Gaze upon with wonder

As a child, I got to play Poohsticks in the Ashdown Forest; the actual bridge mentioned in the book, the bridge where A. A. Milne and Christopher Robin first played. Only looking back can I truly appreciate how special that was. Other activities, like going to museums and galleries can only really be appreciated once you understand what it is you’re looking at, and in that wide-eyed vein, the missus, Dava and I took a field trip to an aquarium. (continue reading…)

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by on Nov.13, 2009, under News and Links

Here’s a great article on the origin of the word meep by our old friend Tim Dedopulos. Check out his blog; he’s rather good, you know. (continue reading…)

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As if by magic …

by on Nov.12, 2009, under Gaming

After reading Dava’s post on Owlbears, many-fingered readings and growing up, a link showed up on a popular website. It was all about the many readings of Choose Your Own Adventure books. Go have a read; it’s entertaining, geeky and well-presented.

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