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Monster News – ‘Just Playing Around’

by on Jan.04, 2010, under General, News and Links

And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consolations
They’re quite aware of what they’re going through”
Changes, David Bowie

Nice one, David – although it’s not always the case :-

MESA, AZ — Police have identified a 17-year-old boy who was killed Saturday when his teenaged sister accidentally ran over him with her car.

Mesa Police spokesman, Ed Wessing, said Dwight J. Brock, Jr. was dropped off at Superstition Springs mall by his 16-year-old sister, Nicole, Saturday evening.

According to Wessing, the two were playing around, with Dwight jumping in front of the car and Nicole slamming on the brakes.

The last time that happened Nicole was reportedly unable to stop and ran over her brother.

Dwight was taken to a local hospital in extremely critical condition and was later pronounced dead.


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SLA Industries Update (Jan 2010)

by on Jan.02, 2010, under Gaming, General

2010, it just doesn’t sound right, does it?

Anyway, over the holidays I’ve been scribbling away on HunterSheets Two. Not gotten as much done as I would have liked. The cover I last posted took a good bit longer than I would have expected. This next book has a lot of new features and characters to the SLA Universe, while the first HunterSheets book mostly covered familiar concepts and such, so writing the new stuff has taken more time than it normally would have.

Still, I’m quite pleased with what’s gone in so far, and I’m hoping the fans will like the end result too. 🙂


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HunterSheets Issue Two

by on Dec.28, 2009, under Art, Gaming, General

Here’s the cover for our next SLA Industries book :-

Hope you like it. More to follow. 🙂


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From HunterSheets Issue 2

by on Dec.27, 2009, under Art, Gaming

Looking back over the countless wars of the Conflict Age, I still feel something like regret. It wasn’t our whole intention to eradicate the Conflict Races, it was simply the most effective way to bring in a new era of order…

It was a shame to see so many species vanish before the dawn of the World Of Progress, especially in the case of the Ty-Tesh – the only race I felt we truly betrayed.

But I feel nothing but gladness when I recall the Root Dogs. They were the most dangerous of all the Conflict Aliens because they were constantly adapting. Each defeat only increase the Core Scientists’ knowledge, and ‘The Herd’ grew stronger and deadlier as a result.

Everything we did, however terrible it may seem – it was worth it all to see the Root Dogs die”.

Intruder’s War Diaries, 760sd.

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Movies Make Me Sick!

by on Dec.22, 2009, under Rant

Well, actually not really. Vomiting is something filmmakers tend to gloss over, have you ever noticed this? When (insert drunk/disgusted character) has to hurl one up on screen the director usually hand feeds them a few spoonfuls of porridge, and gets them it spit it out at the appropriate moment. Or it’s the dry heaves against a wall.

Why? – oh Dave, nobody bothers with this, why would anyone actively want to watch proper vomming on screen?

Well, maybe because we’re aiming for realism? It’s alright to have a character’s head explode digitally, casting eyeballs outward, and exposing brain tissue. But nobody in the effects department wants to sit in front of their mac and composite the fountain of spew that erupts from the mouth once we’ve all had a skinfull. We’re obviously far too delicate for this sort of thing….

We demand genuine, carrot ladden, sweetcorn ridden Spew!


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