Paedophile Pound?

by on Apr.14, 2010, under Rant

There’s a lot of talk about Primark’s padded bikini and how it was aiming for the Paedophile Pound, a mythical nonce currency coined by child protection bandwagoneer Shy Keenan. It’s obviously outrageous and disgusting, won’t somebody think of the children, decay of society, etc., but it’s missing one major point about paedophiles: They are sexually aroused by children. Think about it. Can you see the fallacy?

Beware the beach, there may be paedos hiding there!

Yes, that’s right, paedophiles like pre-pubescent girls and lose interest in pubescent ones, by definition, so giving young girls secondary sexual characteristics should them less attractive to the majority of kiddie fiddlers. I’m not commenting on the unhealthy sexualisation of young girls here, as that goes without needing my scorn and better writers than I have taken those issues to task, but this is yet another example of political parties and interests running to beat up the latest bugbear in the run up to a general election. This isn’t paedophilia as a market force; it’s little girls playing dress-up.

Every penny spent, every minute invested in this outrage against paedophiles spending their hard-earned dosh on stupid children’s dress-up clothes is time and money that could have gone to solving real political and social issues that might effect real change.

Grow the fuck up, the lot of you.


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  • voidstate

    HA! This is exactly the conversation I had with friends last week – surely padded bikinis are the last things paedophiles want. In fact, I may have to start a campaign to have all political parties agree to cross-party support for issuing padded bikinis and merkins to every child under 12 for their own protection.

    Just thin of the children! (Unless you’re a paedo, that is. In that case, stop thinking of the children. Right now.)

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