Yes, we’re still doing SLA.

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From Soft Companies Sourcebook One :-

The reason why SLA has mostly fallen by the sidelines is because my freelance commitments (and in turn rent, bills etc) get in the way.

But it’s about got to the time where I need  to put down some of my current workload, and pick up SLA Industries. This game is still my first love , and if I could do it fulltime again I would. Unfortunately, there’s not enough money to do that yet, but I do what I can, when I can. At the moment I’m sorting through the various projects. We’ve got a finished version of Soft Companies but owing to the limited art at present, I’m having to spilt the current document in two, and publish one after the other when I’ve gotten all the art done and ready for C7. I’m also trying to tie up HunterSheets Issue 2.

I didn’t want to post this topic on the game forums as it’d probably aggravate the situation further (I’m not saying that anything’s ready to release this month or next). Yes, SLA books go out on the market with all the haste of  Peter Gabriel’s albums, but it’s because I don’t want to print any old thing I’ve got lying around. I do have a vision for SLA Industries and I want to see this through in the right manner.

(Grim – the image is a ‘Dead Cat Inc’ Corpse Gunner. Sorry this has all taken so long).

Getting there,



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  • undeadbydawn

    It’s always worth the wait. No matter how long that wait is.

    SLA is by far the greatest game I ever played. The only game I was ever compelled to run. A game I loved so vividly it generated a whole new world in my head [Aborym] which my players agreed was the best setting they’d ever experienced.

    Thank you.

  • dava

    That sounds great, mate. Well, I hope you like the new material that’ll be out next year.


  • mdhughes

    Awesome news! I love SLA with all of my obsolete
    cybernetic heart which I keep functioning by extracting
    the blood of stupid ops who keep trying to fill that BPN death card.

    I haven’t been able to get a group to let me run it again
    in a while, but I may have new group lulled into
    complacency, unsuspecting of my true nature when
    given Slayer’s world to run.

  • Mark Caldwell

    I blame you guys for everything (well that and the wine I’ve drunk tonight) 😉

    I always ment to write but if it wasn’t for SLA I’d not have started a website full of bad early writing. If it wasn’t for that website I’d not have had the practice at writing fast to write the 7th Sea review for Valkyrie in barely an evening and then all my Valk articles and my drip, drip, drip of other stuff since.

    So keep putting it out as you have time and us sad SLA fans will love you all the more for it being right rather than right on a deadline.

  • Jared Earle

    For the record, next year will be the first time Dava and I have sat down to do a SLA book together since Karma, and we all know how that turned out. 🙂

    2010, SLA awakens.

  • ChrisDid

    Oh for shit yeahs!

    For all the utter obsessing I did over SLA for all those years, I’ve only ever played in two games. Just two.

    I didn’t need anything else but those books to enjoy the ideas they generated day in and day out.

    Plus I don’t know many roleplayers here, it isn’t my home town. meh.

    Here’s to the ongoing progress.

  • MGreen02

    Gents, you need to pimp your wares on Geekdo. The site is a fantastic hub for boardgames, it attacts a mass of traffic.

    Get your boardgame favourites rated too.

  • Jack Darke

    Great design, as always. Nice shading, and I love how you put in the rain. 🙂
    So…. am I allowed to provide to link this to the gaming forums or would you rather have everyone find this on their own?

  • dava

    Yeah Jack, you can go for it.

    I just didn’t want to go in with trumpets blaring. I’m still doing this part-time and it is *as always* a slow process.


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