The Catholic Church and systematic child rape

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Update: 2010-03-25. Since I wrote this diatribe, further documented scandals have been revealed in Germany, South America, Holland, Austria and again in the United States. How this can be anything but sanctioned institutional behaviour is beyond me. It’s past time. Stop treating these institutions as moral arbiters or as having any more right to tell us what to do than secular institutions. They don’t believe in punishment for sins; why should you?

One thing is clear in the latest scandals involving the Catholic Church and its stance of tolerance towards paedophilia: They believe there is no god. There is no way that an organisation can support the rape of children in its care with such nonchalance and still uphold a belief in hell or purgatory. No-one fearing an afterlife of torment, fire and brimstone would threaten parents of abused children into silence or would simply move a child-rapist from one hunting ground to another, over and over.


Now don’t get me wrong, I agree with the Church that god is a fictional construct, but there’s no way I’d rape little boys because of it. The religions of the world will tell us we need an almighty being watching over us to ensure we were morally just and honest, but given this recent proof of the Catholic Church’s complicity in covering up institutional child abuse, and its underground railway of pedophile priests, it’s come to the point where the moral high road has well and truly been conceded to the secular. In a country where it’s illegal to say nasty things about god, it’s perfectly acceptable to rape children in his name.

Apologies for the lack of documentation and analysis of the facts and figures, but this one was a little too ugly to be kind with. Read The BBC for proper journalistic reporting.

“The Church authorities failed to implement most of their own canon law rules on dealing with clerical child sexual abuse. This was in spite of the fact that a number of them were qualified canon and civil lawyers.”

Hey, Pope, it’s time. Just admit you’re wrong and that, like with the Spanish Inquisition, the Catholic Church is sometimes the largest force for evil in the world. Terrorists? Yeah, they’re bad, but they just kill you; they don’t rape your children. And Ireland, how’s those blasphemy laws looking now? You really want to be seen to be protecting these fucktards?


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  • Spadge Fromley

    One would imagine that The Church treats it exactly the same as it does all lapses from celibacy within the clergy, as that is obviously the main issue here.

    It’s OK so long as they apologise for their kiddyrape to another, more senior, paedophile – they are still assured their place in heaven.

    Meanwhile, here’s a hint you god-bothering child-fuckers: “Suffer the children” != “Make the children suffer” kthxbye

  • ChrisDid

    The cancer has been left to spread and now could bring down the host. Still stuck in the middle ages, using leeches to cure ills.

    Bloody numpties!

  • Colin Mc

    Setting aside the truly hideous nature of these evil, evil crimes, this issue highlights 2 major problems with the catholic church:

    1) Abstinence-As-Dogma Doesn’t Work: seen as the cure-all for the world’s ills from, bewilderingly, not using condoms stopping the spread of AIDS in Africa to reducing teen pregnancy rates, the church has insisted time-and-time again that abstinence is the only way. Clearly if their own bretheren can’t adhere to this credo and feel the implicit and warped desire to fuck some wee boys, then what chance the rest of humanity?

    2) A theocracy, whether that be as a head of government in the case of Iran, or a social theorcracy which exists in Ireland, the church should be cater only to the spiritual and pastoral care of its followers. A church, any church, any religion when given political power has, through all of history, become a warped and twisted beast complicit and implicit in horrible acts of sexual, political and humane atrocity – the Jesuit bretheren in the colonial hegemonies of the 15-17th centuries being probably the apogee in this.

    Religion, if it absolutely must exist (and most people of faith are loving, altruistic people with a desire to help and believe – they shouldn’t be pilloried or derided in any way) then it must evolve – it’s dogma and canon cannot stay, inflexibly and inextricably linked to the 13th Century – the fallacy of Papal Infallibility and it’s attachment to papal doctrine and dogma constrains the church and leaves it open to abuses like this.

    Faith and church must evolve – the world of today isn’t the world of the 3rd Century Holy Land – the challenges differ, humanity differs, social structures differ. Faith must evolve or it will stagnate and die. This may be a good thing, depending on your belief system.

    Regardless of that – there is nobody involved in this whole affair (barring the victims) who doesn’t come out of this as spiritually and morally bankrupt. This is rank corruption. Bunch of cunts the lot of ’em really.

    The downstream effects of this whole affair, for the victims, will be felt for generations. It makes my heart hurt.

  • undeadbydawn

    In order to return even the faintest shred of decency, respect, accountability or just humanity to the Catholic Church, the Pope should do this, now:

    Issue a blanket declaration that anyone who has ever raped a child is Discommunicated from the eyes and love of God, effective immediately. And retrospectively. You rape a child, you have Eternity in Hellfire. That’s it. No repentance, no confession, no level of guilt or apology will make the slightest hint of a difference.

    Rape a child and you instantly damn yourself.

    And go to jail for a very fucking long time.


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