Step by Step Painting by Dava (The BloodMare – Part 4)

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Step Seven – Back Lighting

This is a quick step I add to a few of my paintings, especially if the background is a dark colour. The Back Lighting is usually a keyline  bright colour that helps to define the form of the character, and prevents it slipping into the background. Since the Bloodmare is predominately red, I’m painting in a sharp cold blue to compliment the warmer hues. I always keep the Back Light as a separate layer until the end in case I want to darken/lighten it for the right results, or change the colour altogether.

Step Eight – Third Level Detail (BloodMare Body)

Right this is where I really go in and add lots of detail, and it can be quite time consuming (2 hours on this Step). The single focus at this point is the BloodMare’s body (I’ll work on the metal plates and sword once I’ve happy with the figure itself), and go from head to foot sorting out the details I want, both shading and lightening as I go. There’s no set pattern at this stage but the main thing is sharpen up the body and make it pop visually. I may step away from it for half an hour or so, and then look at it again, and work on it some more. The paint brush tool is set to 65 – 85% so the paint strokes I’m apply are pretty opaque and final (ie I’m not building up the colours so much as I’m defining the focal points).

(Side note – The image you’re seeing via the internet is more saturated than the image on my desktop)

More Steps coming soon! :)



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