Top Five Movie Serial Killers (contains Spoilers!)

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Hi folks,

Here’s my my top five movie serial killers. Well, actually it’s probably not my top five because as soon as I’ve posted this I’ll inevitably say ‘No! I forgot to add such and such in the list’. So, for the time being this it it. (I’ve also omitted horror slashers like Jason, Michael and Freddy, simply because they’re not that much like actual killers, and I’ve not included any characters obviously based on real serial killers).

Okay, here we go:-

5. George Anthony Higgins a.k.a. ‘Machine’ (8mm)

“There’s no mystery. Things I do, I do them because I like them! Because I want to!”

Machine is a porn star, of the snuff variety. We know he’s killed one person on camera, but we have no idea how people he’s killed off set. For most of the film George’s face is covered by a grimy bondage mask, but once his identity is finally revealed he looks fairly ordinary. This is, of course, just another mask to conceal the monster within that kills, and is happy to keep on killing. Honest, and horrific.

4. Mahogany (The Midnight Meat Train)


Here is a man who lives to serve! What seems like your run of the mill movie killer is simply a blue collar worker, who takes his pride in his work and tends to a higher, darker power than we can possibly understand. If you live in a major city, you must expect to pay for the bounty it offers, and Mahogany is here to collect on its behalf…

3. Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)

“Hey, I’m a child of divorce, gimme a break!”

American Psycho is everything that’s frightening about the 1980’s, and serial killers collectively. Patrick, like the era he resides in is cold, cynical, fake, superficial, vain, totally insane but immaculately presented. Is he the Walter Mitty of murder, or does high society really turn a blind eye to the blood that’s shed?

2. John Ryder  (The Hitcher)

“I’m going to sit here. And you’re going to drive.”

Ah, John Ryder, from Disneyland…. What’s most frightening about this ‘Hitcher’ is that we know nothing about him, where he came from, or why he’s committing such brutal murders. I’m not entirely sure he’s even human, rather some blank entity standing on the lonely roads waiting for someone foolish enough to open the door and let him into their life.

1. John Doe – Se7en

“Nothing wrong with a man taking pleasure in his work. I won’t deny my own personal desire to turn each sin against the sinner.”

Is there anything more dangerous than a brutal act committed on the behalf of good? However much John Doe might try and persuade us that he’s doing God’s good work, we really mustn’t be fooled by his bible thumping. John Doe thinks he is God, however much he maypretend to be the servant, and martyr. I consider John Doe (wonderfully portrayed by Kevin Spacey) as one of the most genuinely evil characters in movie history, because he’s a wolf, in sheep’s clothing, wearing a wolf coat on top of that.



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