Oh the Horror!!! An ode to Modern Warfare 2.

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Ok so I’m hooked on Call of Duty like more than half of the gamers out there and of course was in line at midnight to get my copy of COD MW2.  And I’ve been playing it ever since.  But I got issues Infinity Ward, I got ISSUES.  As a game the story didn’t REALLY make that much sense.  I didn’t mind that I beat it in 5 hours but what the hell was with the convoluted storyline?  I get that you’re setting it up for MW 3 but there were no payoffs for half the set-ups!  Like for instance the hostages. Who were they exactly? And who was the HVI that was killed in his bunker? And WHY did Shepard turncoat? Because he was the one who put the American in deep cover? And then said American (you) blew away half an airport terminal and the cops that came to stop you?  But wait, you blow away an airport with innocent people? Yes. IW saw it in their infinite wisdom to put a scene in the game that you are the triggerman along with the main villain (again another payoff that is not there in this…set-up a villain, knock him down…the way of any good story) that takes out thousands of screaming innocent people. Why? For some convoluted plot point about how the Americans became terrorists since the Russians set them up (there’s a line from Makarov that says “Don’t speak Russian. English from now on.”).  It’s just that the first COD MW made total sense. The pay-offs were there, the story was strong, there was a great set-up for a character with a playable flashback, and SO many other amazing moments.  It was a definite 10. A+. Head of the Class.  This one just feels weak compared to it. Like the little brother who is trying too hard. It’s endearing and you still like him but he ain’t no classic brew.  It’s kinda like Crystal Pepsi. I enjoyed it for a bit while it was out…but it probably was more because of the Van Halen song then the taste.

I don’t mind stories that make you think and draw conclusions from events, but come on…there was WAY too much going on and not enough pay-offs!!!  I mean that’s just like my opinion, man.

And with the online gameplay I still love that it’s the fast-paced COD feel but they GOTTA get their servers up to par…more than a dozen times I get headshots and SOMEHOW the guy still gets past me and knifes me or gets a round into me.  You can’t put it past us IW…the Killcam’s never lie as to what your servers are thinking…and when I watch myself not get ONE shot off and the other guy empty a clip into me even when I KNOW I got several headshots in ??? Come on guys get it sorted! Not to mention 2 close range hits with a .50 cal Barrett and the guy still gets off a shot and wins the game with the kill.

Anyway, the game is solid but I still have a special place in my heart for COD 4.  It’s just a frickin’ Classic. And not Crystal.

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