Breakfast ASBOs

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Anyone from the Uk, and born seventies will remember a time when Weetabix thought it’d be a good idea to have wheat based skinheads tout their brand of cereal.

Breakfast ASBOs

You’ll fondly remember the catchphrase ‘If you know what’s good for you!’ and the shrill ‘OK!’ at the end of the commercial. Oh, weren’t they lovely little rogues?

I *hated* the Weetabix crew. HATED them. What you’ve got to remember is only a small selection of advertising works the way it should on children, but this wasn’t one of them :-

Advertising Exec:

‘Okay, let’s get across the message that if you eat Weetabix you’ll be big, strong, confident and sound like Bob Hoskins! This is a good message to teach the kids!’

and it translated as

11 year old School Bully:

‘This advert is brilliant. Me and my mates can learn from these guys’.


The next day the schoolyard had become a marching ground for a thug renaissance. It didn’t take long for me to realise i was, in fact, a ‘Titchy Breakfast’. I think the cartoon weetabix were meant to be Skinheads in the proper sense (ie Rude Boys, not the National Front), but to me they were just scary. They were essentially the bad kids at the back of the bus, or street corner that you had to walk past (and try not get tripped up, of course). I mean, even the squeaky one that said ‘OK’ had an edge. He was the wild card. The others might beat you up, but Brian was the one might actually cut you, and giggled as the police dragged him away.

As the years passed it got worse, in some respects. Britain was suddenly gripped by breakdance fever, and the Weetabix monsters had to adapt. It was the beginning of the Weetabix hoodies. I tell you if the Weetabix characters were still around today they’d be Weetachavs.

Bastard things…..




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