Excellent advice for writers seeking artists

by on Sep.10, 2011, under General, News and Links

Steve Bissette, of Alan Moore-era Swamp Thing fame, had this to say when asked to draw a graphic novel: Looking for Magic Carpets An Open Letter to My Fellow Writers (& Artists). Very much worth reading.

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Yes, Nightfall is back

by on Apr.22, 2011, under Gaming

Monsterbook has been quiet because Nightfall is Back.

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Aspiring artists, here’s some free advice

by on Aug.09, 2010, under Art, Rant

So, you like drawing and you want to do it for a living? Here’s two simple pieces of advice:

  1. Stop drawing Manga and Anthro, especially crude Manga and Anthro porn. No, really. It’s embarassing and no one wants to see MASSIVE SKUNK TITS. What were you thinking? Skunkina?
  2. Read this and beware of twunts like him: By helping the race to the bottom, you’re fucking up your future. Don’t do that.

Follow those two simple rules and you’ll stop holding yourself back. Go take up life drawing if you want to draw boobies; it’s worth it.

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Paedophile Pound?

by on Apr.14, 2010, under Rant

There’s a lot of talk about Primark’s padded bikini and how it was aiming for the Paedophile Pound, a mythical nonce currency coined by child protection bandwagoneer Shy Keenan. It’s obviously outrageous and disgusting, won’t somebody think of the children, decay of society, etc., but it’s missing one major point about paedophiles: They are sexually aroused by children. Think about it. Can you see the fallacy?

Beware the beach, there may be paedos hiding there!

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What’s wrong with your face?

by on Apr.05, 2010, under News and Links

He’s back. RedLetterMedia reviews Star Wars Episode Two: Attack of the Clones.

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